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It doesn't matter if you can't spell your name or can sign a novel, learning American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture is for everyone. Below is a list of resources I use to teach my classes, email me if you want a resource or useful article added!



(UPDATE 12/30/2017 - Links are temporarily not working, check back early 2018!)
Lesson 00 - Intro to ASL: Presentation | Communication Tips | ASL Fingerspelling Sheet 
Lesson 01 - Learning About ASL and It's History: Presentation 
Lesson 02 - ASL & It's Relationship with Deaf Culture: Presentation 
Lesson 03 - Etiquette in the Deaf Community (Part One): Presentation 
Lesson 04 - Etiquette in the Deaf Community (Part Two): Presentation 
Lesson 05 - Oppression & Deaf Community: Presentation



Articles / Blog Posts

ASL Dictionaries

ASL Practice

ASL Video

  • ASLized — A library for accessible and authentic ASL videos

Guides / Additional ASL Resources

Local Links in Washington State

Other Deaf-Related Links