Toby Fitch
Multidisciplinary Designer / Photographer / Entrepreneur

Past Projects

A collection of older projects done over the years.



2014 Q3  |  Startup  |  Visual, Branding, UI, Web Design

UEstate, a web-based startup that aimed to make the real estate process easier and create a less stressful experience for first-time homeowners.. This conceptual website reflected the branding of the startup and aimed to attract new homeowners with a modern feel. 




2013 Q2  |  Senior Thesis  |   UX, Visual, 3D, Motion

Starstruct is a senior team project that utilized HTML5 and CSS3 animations to inspire young kids to learn astronomy. Team members were encouraged to investigate, explore and discover design solutions. I primarily focused on interface designs, created and animated 3D astronomy assets, developed storyboards, and heavily influenced user experience.




2012 Q3  |  Class Project  Concept, Visual, Branding, UI, UX, Motion

As part of an class project, we were encouraged to create a solution for anything that included gamification. Scoutmaster is a fictional iPhone application that would help keep track of any Scout's progress to become the ultimate Scout. This mobile app has the potential to revolutionize the Boy Scouts and bring it into the 21st century.




2012 Q1  |  Class Project  |  Concept, Visual, Motion

The "Adventure on the Tracks" campaign for Amtrak focuses on bringing Amtrak to first class.  This social media campaign aims to encourage that rail travel is fun and trains can be an ideal eco-friendly solution to society's problems while integrating the use of new technology into their services.



Chemistry Conference

2012 Q1  |  Class Project  Concept, Visual, Branding, 3D, Motion

Fictional advertisement for the International Conference of Chemistry. I wanted to make a dull topic and make it visually engaging to create excitement. Three elements from the periodic table is visually represented, each with their own properties.




2013 Q1  |  Class Project  Concept, Programming

Every person that walks through this doorway will trigger the an ultrasonic sensor to light up the ceiling! The colors are dependent on the person's distance from the sensor and how many people have walked by. The sensor is hooked up to an Arduino board which receives input from the sensor and controls the lights.